An Update from Balcombe Parish Council

March Parish Magazine

In the February edition of the Parish Magazine I provided some factual background information on the proposed exploration for gas or oil at the Lower Stumble site south of the village, which could involve the use of the so called fracking technique.  I also reported on the public meeting that was held in the Victory Hall on 11th January.

At its meeting on 16th January Balcombe Parish Council reflected on what had been said at the meeting on 11th January and agreed that its responsibilities in this matter will be discharged in three phases:

Phase 1 To gain as much accurate information about the fracking process as possible, and to share this information with the residents of the village.
Phase 2 Thereafter to seek actively the views of the residents.
Phase 3 Thereafter to act as an advocate on behalf of the residents in promoting their views to the relevant authorities, and in supporting such lawful actions as may be appropriate in the furtherance of those views.

It was decided that a working group would be formed, comprising four members of Balcombe Parish Council and six other residents of Balcombe, initially to address Phase 1.  A letter was prepared and delivered to every residence within the parish inviting residents who believed that they had relevant expertise and/or experience to volunteer to join the group.

The number of volunteers far exceeded the number of places available on the group and, after careful consideration, the following people were felt to offer the best mix of relevant knowledge and each has agreed to serve on the group:

Steven Daultrey

Mostyn Field

Robert Hunter

* Peter Huxley

* Carol Jarvis

Stephanie Maier

Kathryn Metcalfe

* Rodney Saunders (Chairman)

Norman Sayer

* Alison Stevenson

* = Member of Balcombe Parish Council

The group is tasked to produce a report setting out the benefits and risks associated with the proposed exploration for, and extraction of, oil or gas at the Lower Stumble site and which may involve the use of the fracking technique.

The first meeting of the group was arranged for Monday 20th February; meetings of the group are not open to the public.

Rodney Saunders


Balcombe Parish Council


# Guest 2012-03-19 14:55
I am currently writing about the Balcombe meeting with Cuadrilla Resources on January 11th as part of my final assignment for a Diploma in Public Affairs I am taking with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
I need to conduct some confidential interviews with people who attended the meeting and I would be delighted to come and meet with anyone who is happy to help out. I'm afraid I have no budget to pay anyone but I am happy to buy participants a drink in a local pub while we have the interview.

The study will not be published to any 3rd parties and is purely for the purposes of assesment so I can pass the course.

I have chosen this topic because I live in Brighton and so the people involved should be relatively contactable.

I must submit by April 2nd and am happy to have interviews with any willing participants between now and the end of March.


Andrew Oliver

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