THERE is a large Neighbourhood Watch Scheme operating in Balcombe with many street co-ordinators keeping in touch with Sussex Police and our PCSO Jayne Milne.

Each coordinator receives information from the police about any crime incidents or concerns and disseminates this, as best they can, either by word of mouth, telephone or by email.

Each street co-ordinator in the NW Scheme is also a point of contact for every person in their road if that person has any concerns or worries about crime, anti-social behaviour or their own security.

Listed below are the names of all the street co-ordinators in the Balcombe NW Scheme with their telephone numbers and email addresses and the areas they cover.

Please get in touch with them if you have any worries, but remember, IN AN EMERGENCY you must ALWAYS call the POLICE, or other EMERGENCY SERVICE, on 999.

If you are the victim of a crime, such as a burglary or criminal damage, you must always report this, in the first instance, to the Police either by calling 999 or 0870 60 70 999.

It would help your street co-ordinator to keep in touch with YOU by forwarding your email address, and/or telephone number, to them.
They will then be able, more easily, to contact YOU if there are any concerns or incidents in the village or its surrounds that the police want people to be aware of.

If you would like to volunteer for one of the Street Co-ordinator VACANCIES in the village please contact the Main Area Co-ordinator Carolyn Robertson by email Carolyn or telephone 01444 811732.

For any further information about the Balcombe NHW Scheme please again contact Carolyn.

Police Contacts

Chief Inspector Ed de la Rue at Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999

Police Constable Geoff Bennett (0845 60 70 999 Ext. 11294)

Police Community Support Officer Jayne Milne (0845 60 70 999 Ext. 21901)

Police Community Support Officer Jayne Milne's web page and BLOG

Visit Jayne Milne's web page; type in your postcode and click on Jayne Milne's box. This includes a profile of Jayne, her contact details, details of when you can meet her in person, an archive of local news.

There is a box on the right called "Get your Updates by Email". Click on this to receive Jayne's BLOG by email.

Community Message November 2010 from Chief Inspector De La Rue of Haywards Heath Police Station

A letter to the community from Chief Inspector De La Rue of Haywards Heath Police Station can be found here.

Neighbourhood Watch Handbook

Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Watch have produced a handbook containing a wealth of useful information.

The 50 page publication contains advice and tips on keeping the criminal at bay; personal, property and vehicle security, fire safety, local contacts listings, plus much more.

The booklet has been sponsored by many local agencies including WSCC, Mid Sussex and Haywards Heath councils, the Fire & Rescue service, Sussex Police, Sussex Neighbourhood Watch Federation and the Scarman Trust.

Copies are available from your street coordinator or the local police station in Haywards Heath.

You can download a copy here (3.86MB).

Neighbourhood Panel

10 people needed to join a panel and advise the police on what priorities for police attention we want in our village/area.
Jayne Milne says "This is a great opportunity for all the villages and will allow you to decide what issues should be addressed by Police and partner agencies."

Read this document for more details.

National Neighbourhood Watch Website has been launched. Read more here.

Street Coordinators

Name/email address

Telephone Number

Area Covered

No. of Properties

Mrs Betty Pearson

01444 811411

Village centre (Broadway) including Half Moon, The Alley, Lake View, Haywards Heath Road to Truncheons and The Old Dairy


Mrs Glenda Thomson

01444 811462

Haywards Heath Road from Truncheons & Old Dairy (but not including) to junction with Deanland Road including Bretts etc


Bob Cornell

01444 811705

Haywards Heath Road from junction with Deanland Road to Little Bowders including Meadow Close but excluding Coombers


Roy Gravestock

01444 811533

Mill Lane from Haywards Heath Road junction to Mill


Nick and Sue Cannon

01444 811105



John Kenward

01444 811578

Haywards Heath Road from Oldlands to Balcombe Place


Sue Etheridge

01444 811264

As above



Ideal for several people to share

London Road (south) from Red Road to Bramble Hill including Bramble Hill, Castye and The Rectory (suggest two or more coordinators, one each side of road)



A long road for people to share

London Road (north) from Red Road to The Cowdray Arms


Peter Ashmole

01444 811535

Bramblemead including Westland View and Fern Cottage on London Road. Also Recreation Ground and Pavilion


George Short

01444 811667

Rocks Lane (or Rowhill Lane)


Bob Bardwell

01444 811799

Newlands up to Jobes and as far as the London Road.
Additional help would be welcome



Cuckfield Road from Springfield Platt to Kemps Farm including station


John Pierpoint

01444 811454

Deanland Road (north) from junction with Haywards Heath Road to Victoria Road plus Victoria Road


Andrew Edmondson

01444 811413



Richard Contreras

01444 811626
07930 288250

Oldlands Avenue from Jobes to Stockcroft Road including Jobes approach road
Need another volunteer for Jobes approach road


Norman Howard

01444 811782

Deanland Road (south) from Victoria Road to Oldlands Avenue


Julia Wilson

01444 811304




Barn Meadow


Clive Sparke

01444 811457

Jobes (excluding the approach road)


Andrew Edmondson

01444 811413

Oldlands Avenue from Stumblemead to Haywards Heath Road



Glebe View



01444 811580



Carolyn Robertson

01444 811732 07780532145

Stockcroft Road from Victory Hall and Sunnyside to Victoria Road (Freshfields)
Need another volunteer


Ron and Linda Parker

01444 811781

Stockcroft Road from Netheroak and Hollow-How to junction with Oldlands Avenue


Derek Earl

01444 811921

High Street


Tim Ensing

01444 811251

Private Road between High Street and Handcross Road (Redbridge Lane)


Tony Musgrave

01444 819191

Crawley Lane (Highley Manor Road)


Jasmine Waters

01444 811094

Handcross Road (Redbridge Lane)


Sue Dowdall

01444 400519

Brantridge Lane (North) from junction with Redbridge Lane to junction with White Throat Lane



West Hill



Below is a summary of what is required to be an NHW Street Co-Ordinator.

Remember - this can be a great contribution to the community! It is also a great opportunity to get out and about, meet people and chat about what is going on in your neighbourhood!

SEE how many people are doing it already!

(The Police summary may sound arduous but it isn't and email makes all the communication very easy!)

Anyone who volunteers - and does as much as they can - will be greatly appreciated and a very valuable asset to our NHW scheme here in Balcombe!

Neighbourhood Watch - Roles and Responsibilities

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has existed in the UK for over 25 years and aims to prevent crime by improving security, increasing public awareness and by reducing opportunity for crime. NHW members assist Police in detecting crimes through their increased vigilance, communication and prompt reporting of crime and suspicious activity.

NHW Street Coordinator

The street co-ordinator is the main point of contact between Police and scheme members, also working with the Area Co-ordinator and partner agencies. They are required to maintain records of member households and will distribute NHW Crime Bulletins sent by the area's Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). The street co-ordinator is likely to be the first person that a NHW member turns to for help, advice or to report something suspicious.

There are no set hours to the role and the only proviso is that you must have an e-mail account in order to receive and send on Crime Bulletin's and you will need to be security checked before being confirmed as a co-ordinator. The main duties are as follows:

Supply members with NHW and Crime Prevention Literature
Welcome newcomers and invite them to join the scheme
Look out for vulnerable scheme members and neighbours
Encourage vigilance and early reporting of incidents
Receive Crime Bulletins from PCSO and distribute to members
Distribute quarterly edition of 'Watch Out Newsletter' to members
Encourage members to put into practice crime prevention measures

NHW Members

NHW members should take sensible precautions to protect their homes and property and also look out for vulnerable neighbours. Members should maintain contact with their Street Co-ordinator and Police, ensuring that they report crime and suspicious activity at the earliest opportunity.

Members and co-ordinators are the 'eyes and ears' in a community. They know what is usual or unusual in their street/road/close. As hard as we try, the Police cannot always be in the right place at the right time and so NHW is vital in preventing and detecting crime. We have already seen a significant reduction in crime in Mid Sussex and we feel that NHW schemes have played a major part in this.

Saving the best until last, as a member of a NHW scheme you may be eligible to receive a discount on your Home Insurance.

What more could anyone want! Make sure YOU are a member of the Balcombe NHW Neighbourhood Watch Scheme NOW!

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