www.BalcombeVillage.co.uk was created by Andrew Edmondson in November 2002. It was  redesigned in 2010 so that residents can manage their own content.

This website is an additional, free source of information for residents.

The bulletin board (discussion forum) has been discontinued due to lack of use. However, residents can still make announcements on the Home page and add comments to articles.

Clubs and organisations are represented to varying degrees and are responsible for their own content.

The Parish Council has its own website now but an archive of previous posts agendas, minutes and other publications and current minutes can be viewed and searched from the Home page.

The website receives over 100 visits per week. A fair proportion of these are from outside the village, and I receive regular emails from potential visitors, people tracing their ancestors, local businesses, etc. Those considering moving to Balcombe use the website to find out more about the village, e.g. creche facilities.

There is a photo gallery and a YouTube archive of local videos, although I have provided much of the content so far. Also on this site there is information about gambling. One of them is slottop - the best site with slots in the UK in 2017. For all visitors to the owner of the site have prepared excellent bonuses.

Residents are encouraged to submit their own content.

If there are any additional features you would like to see on the website, send me an email.

Andrew Edmondson (webmaster)

December 2012


# Guest 2010-12-11 18:46
Why can't I find a post code on this website? I have a satnav and need the code to be able to get there. I checked all of the businesses listed and there wasn't one postcode. I just hope I manage to find you tomorrow with a map. Carol
# Guest 2010-12-19 21:44
Hi my husbands grandmother lived in balcombe before the ww1 and some family lived there during this time we have a family pic of the yarnold family ,. which i will forard ,. my interests are ww1 in balcombe ,. we were told our grandfather met our grandmother whilst he was stationed there we were told he guarded the viacucts we no nothing of him only this so we are trying to find his regiment at the moment ,. any help would be greatley appreciated photos ect or news cuttings maybe
# Guest 2011-01-10 12:08
I just wanted to say how brilliant the new website is - a huge improvement from the previous one. Thanks, Andrew, for all your hours and hours and hours of work making this happen; I hope people use it now.
Balcombe really is a beautiful place and a wonderful community. Rob's new planters at the station and around the village are a fabulous addition as well - I can't wait to see them blooming come the spring and summer.
# Guest 2011-03-16 09:32
Hi there.

The new website is great. I wanted to ask if we can pop on here the need for childcare in the village for those parents who work or want to work. That way we could look to see if there was anyone who wanted to share care or anyone who had spaces could let people know.
# Guest 2011-03-23 19:02
Great to have the presence of a Post Office in the village once again. Perhaps at the times the PO is open an 'A' frame advertising the PO placed at the cross roads might draw in some passing trade. Good for Balcombe Stores and would help ensure we keep our PO.
# Guest 2011-04-30 21:30
hello i just want to tell you i throughly love this website ....i work in balcombe as a childrens nanny and i absolutely love the place ...the people in the village are very friendly recently i met a very old gentleman on the train to Balcombe he mentioned the village history before and after the war ..and he just got me hooked so here i am on this website and i had tleave a comment ..i enjoyed the recent street party well organised and alot of smiling faces a credit to Balcombe thankyou
# Guest 2011-05-03 19:35
I run Balcombe Babies and would like to put us on here, if possible with a link to our flyer of information, how do I do that? I'm afraid I didn't understand the link from the clubs and organisations list.
# Guest 2011-05-18 15:35
How can I obtain a copy of "Balcombe: The Story of a Sussex Village".

My mothers family used to live in the village hence my interest.

Thank you,
Janet Bull
# Guest 2011-05-18 16:32
Hi Just wanted to know when the Balcombe Fete was on for 2011? Would like to invite friends down, as last year was fantastic.
# Guest 2013-07-31 03:55
Your little fracking fued has become world headline. I Enclose some links to web reports of the lawsuite and impacts Fracking has had on the little town of Rosebud, Alberta, Canada where Jessica Ernst discovered she could set her well water on fire after Fracking in her area.

She has sued the Canadian Government, the Alberta Government and the drilling companies for badly polluting the area where she lives, and poisoning its residents.
There is now a moritorium on Fracking in the province of Quebec.


I wish you all well

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