Victory Hall

Victory Hall



The Victory Hall was built in 1923 and is managed by a committee of volunteers and governed by a board of trustees. It is a registered charity. The Social Club and Women's Institute rent neighbouring rooms within the same building.


The Murals

The walls of the Victory Hall are decorated with murals by Neville Lytton, inspired by his wartime experiences.


Click here for a leaflet describing the murals (1.2MB pdf file).


Click here for a short video of the hall (download time approx. 2 minutes using ADSL).


Click here for photos of the murals.


Click here for an excerpt from the Channel 4 series Not Forgotten, presented by Ian Hyslop, and showing the Victory Hall murals (download time approx. 3 minutes using ADSL). Many thanks to Channel 4 and Wall to Wall for permission to view this.


Hiring the Hall

The hall is available for hire, e.g. for weddings, discos, group meetings. Sale of goods is permissible provided an individual does not profit, e.g. jumble sales, gardening club stalls.


The hall can be rented on an hourly basis or per session, e.g. around £50 for a wedding/disco evening. Rates are discounted for local organisations.


The Committee

Chair: Mr Greenwood

Booking Secretary: Paul Gordon

Treasurer: Anthony Musgrave

6 members of the Social Club

6 members of the Women's Institute

Further Information

Further information can be obtained from the booking secretary Paul Gordon: 01444 811372


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20th January 2007


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